Resep Kreasi Makanan International yang Murah Resep Kreasi Makanan International yang Murah

Resep Kreasi Makanan International yang Murah – Banyak orang yang saat ini berusaha dengan kerasnya untuk bisa menghasilkan sejumlah keuntungan dalam berjualan makanan yang mereka bisa buat.

Anak kos identik dengan hemat dan praktis. Untuk menghemat pengeluaran, banyak anak kos yang memilih untuk memasak sendiri untuk makan sehari-hari.

Kebanyakan menu yang dipilih yang mudah dibuat, praktis, dan murah meriah. ‘Prinsip’ ini bukan berarti gak bisa diterapkan pada makanan Western, lho.

Anak kos tetap bisa menikmati Western food yang biasa dijual di kafe dan restoran dengan harga mahal. Apalagi jika kamu memasaknya bersama teman-teman kosan, pasti jadi lebih seru dan murah.

Berikut kumpulan resep menu makanan Western untuk anak kos yang bisa gampang dipraktikkan dan sudah pasti enak. Simak ya!

1. Spaghetti bolognese

100 gram spageti
150 gram saus bolognese instan
2 buah sosis sapi, iris kecil
keju cheddar parut secukupnya
air secukupnya
garam secukupnya
minyak goreng secukupnya
Cara membuat:

Rebus air hingga mendidih. Masukkan spageti, sedikit minyak goreng, dan garam. DiamkanĀ vile-luksic hingga spageti matang. Angkat dan tiriskan.
Panaskan sedikit minyak goreng, lalu tumis saus bolognese dan sosis hingga tercium aroma harum. Matikan api dan biarkan uap panasnya hilang.
Tata spageti di atas piring saji, lalu tuang saus bolognese secukupnya. Taburkan dengan parutan keju cheddar.
Spageti bolognese ala anak kos siap untuk disajikan.

2. Ayam teriyaki

250 gram daging ayam filet, potong dadu
1 saset saus teriyaki instan
1 sendok makan saus tiram
3 buah cabai rawit, iris tipis
2 buah cabai merah besar, iris serong tipis
1/2 buah bawang bombai, iris tipis memanjang
1 siung bawang putih, cincang halus
garam secukupnya
lada bubuk secukupnya
penyedap rasa secukupnya
margarin secukupnya
wijen sangrai secukupnya
Cara membuat:

Setelah dicuci bersih, marinasi ayam dengan saus teriyaki, saus tiram, kecap, garam, lada bubuk, dan penyedap rasa. Diamkan selama 20-30 menit.
Panaskan margarin di atas wajan. Tumis bawang putih hingga harum.
Masukkan daging ayam yang telah dimarinasi. Aduk rata dan tunggu sampai matang.
Setelah ayam matang, koreksi rasanya terlebih dahulu. Masukkan cabai rawit, cabai merah, dan bawang bombai. Aduk kembali sampai tercampur rata dan bawang bombai agak layu. Matikan api.
Letakkan ayam di atas pinggan saji dan taburkan dengan wijen sangrai secukupnya.
Teriyaki ala anak kos siap disajikan bersama nasi hangat.

3. French toast

4 lembar roti tawar
2 lembar keju cheddar
2 butir telur
50 ml susu cair
garam secukupnya
margarin secukupnya
Cara membuat:

Tata keju di atas selembar roti tawar, lalu tutup dengan roti tawar lainnya.
Kocok telur bersama susu cair sampai rata. Tambahkan sedikit garam.
Celupkan roti tawar ke dalam kocokan telur hingga rata.
Panaskan margarin di atas teflon. Panggang roti tawar hingga kecokelatan. Jangan lupa untuk membalik sisi lainnya agar matangnya rata.
French toast siap ala anak kos siap disajikan untuk sarapan.

Know How to Eat Broccoli for Good Nutrition – Nowadays, more and more people feel they want to be able to get much more benefits. Included with some vegetables that contain many of the best nutrients.

Who doesn’t love to eat broccoli? Many, especially children! In fact, in terms of nutrition, broccoli is one of the super vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, and other important nutrients.

There are many ways to process broccoli. Boiled, sauteed, baked, fried, or chopped and mixed with other ingredients such as croquettes or nuggets, and so on. Especially for children, sometimes parents have to rack their brains to be able to slip broccoli (or other vegetables) into their children’s food.

Know How to Eat Broccoli for Good Nutrition

Because it can be cooked in various ways, the question arises of what is the healthiest way to cook or process broccoli? Is it better to eat it raw or cooked? Come on, let’s find out the answer together through the following review!

1. Can be eaten raw
Although it is usually cooked first, broccoli can be eaten raw. However, before that, make sure to clean broccoli superstarjew properly so that no dirt or foreign compounds enter the body.

To be safe, first you have to clean the broccoli head first under running water. With your fingers, clean the stains that are there. Don’t forget to also clean the gaps between the stems. Once done, gently pat the broccoli head with a paper towel until it is completely dry. Then, cut the head of broccoli, slice according to taste, and the vegetables are ready to eat!

How to Eat Broccoli to Get Maximum Nutrition, Raw or Ripe? illustration of a child eating broccoli raw (
Both broccoli heads and stems are safe to eat. However, stringy stems are harder and harder to chew. Therefore, cut the stems thin for easy chewing.

Broccoli can be served raw with a dip like yogurt, hummus, or dressing like a salad. Alternatively, broccoli can be added to other dishes to balance the texture, taste and nutrition.

2. Cooking broccoli reduces its nutrients?
As previously explained, broccoli is rich in vitamin C. In fact, 90 grams of broccoli can meet the daily nutritional adequacy rate of up to 90 percent for men and 108 percent for women. However, vitamin C is very sensitive to heat, so cooking broccoli can significantly reduce vitamin C.

According to a 2009 Chinese study entitled “Effects of different cooking methods on health-promoting compounds of broccoli” in the Journal of Zhejiang University Science B, cooking broccoli can lower its vitamin C content. Sauteing can remove it by up to 38 percent, while boiling it removes about 33 percent. percent.

In addition to vitamin C, cooking broccoli is also said to remove chlorophyll, the healthy substance in broccoli that gives it its green color. Compared to other broccoli processing, steaming is the worst cooking method because it removes its nutrients significantly.

Then, broccoli also has a high sulforaphane content. For your information, various studies prove that these compounds can nourish the body and help prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and digestive problems.

The problem is, the sulforaphane in broccoli is more easily absorbed when eaten raw. According to a 2008 study in the Netherlands in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, raw broccoli promises higher sulforaphane content and is easily absorbed by the body.

3. Cooking broccoli activates antioxidants?
So, is cooking broccoli definitely unhealthy for the body? Not really! Although most research is against it, cooking broccoli has its own benefits.

One of them, cooking broccoli can significantly increase its antioxidant activity, especially carotenoids. Carotenoids are antioxidant compounds that are useful in helping prevent disease and boost the immune system.

According to a South Korean study published in the journal Food Science and Biotechnology in 2018, cooking broccoli can increase the carotenoid content. This is because the heating process softens the walls of this vegetable and breaks down the carotenoid protein complex so that it is easy to extract.

Recommendations for Online Business Ideas in 2022 – Nowadays more and more people want to be able to make attractive profits and can easily get the best things. Business in 2022 seems to be shifting towards an all-digital one. Online business is currently getting more and more enthusiasts, considering the development of technology is increasing day by day.

So, you can prepare business ideas and innovations to keep up with the times. Doing research related to the type of online business and what products you are interested in is of course the main key.

Recommendations for Online Business Ideas in 2022

1. Beauty and fashion products
The beauty and fashion product business is a business that can still become a business trend in 2022. This is because fashion and make-up are growing along with the development of trends in the world.

Not only that, the high demand for beauty and fashion products, especially for women, can also be an opportunity for you to do this online business in 2022. So, this business could be a potential online business idea in 2022.

2. Digital marketing services
Not only product business, digital marketing service business is also an online business trend in 2022. As digital platforms develop, this service business is quite promising because it can be an opportunity for those of you who have digital marketing skills.

However, if you don’t have this ability and want to be able to sell your skills in digital marketing, you can learn through online videos or online classes.

3. Design and writing services
In addition to digital marketing, the design and writing service business will also become an online business idea in 2022. Currently, the need for design workers as well as beautiful and attractive designs are needed by brands and startups. You can open a logo design, social media, illustrator, or other relevant.

In addition, there are writing services that can also be business ideas for 2022. Writing such as copywriting and content writing is currently very much needed by brands and startups to be able to introduce products that are more unique and interesting.

4. Convection and fabric online
The convection business and selling cloth online is also a potential online business idea in 2022. This is because the demand for new businesses who want to sell clothes and need online convection is starting to increase. This business can also be carried out by all groups, even millennials.

5. Creative food
With creative ideas that are poured into the form of cakes and others, it becomes the key for the food business to be more in demand, such as the recently popular croffle.

This creative food business usually starts to be known from social media. So, you can start a creative food business by selling it on the marketplace, delivery service, and promoting it through social media.

Online Shop Business Ideas for Beginners – As we understand very well and we also know that more and more people are required to stay at home during this pandemic that is endemic. The presence of an online shop can basically make it easier for sellers and consumers of products and services to carry out economic activities. The reason is that by selling online, both sellers and buyers do not need to bother going out of the house and can order various needs only via cellphones. So that the presence of this online shop can bring various conveniences in everyday shopping.

Online Shop Business Ideas for Beginners

Best Selling Online Shop Business Inspiration that You Can Turn into a Business Idea
If you intend to open new business opportunities online, then here are the best-selling online shop businesses that can be used as inspiration for business ideas:

Culinary business
The culinary business can be said as a business that will never run out of consumers. Because good food is something that many people like. In addition, if the food sold is delicious, interesting, and different from others, the selling value will also be better and can bring in many customers. If you previously had an offline culinary outlet or outlet, then you can develop it into an online service. For example, registering your culinary business as a merchant at Shopee Food, GoFood, GrabFood, and so on.

Women’s and Men’s Fashion Business
The fashion business includes selling ideas that can bring in many customers. The reason is that fashion, whether in the form of clothes, shoes, bags or accessories, has many enthusiasts and comes from various circles. So that this selling idea can sell well, then you can start selling clothes or other fashion products that match the latest trends or offer unique and interesting items.

Cosmetics and Body Care Products
Facial and body care products or cosmetics are quite promising business ideas, because now many people are starting to pay attention to their health and body hygiene from head to toe. Therefore, everyone definitely needs a variety of these products to support the appearance and cleanliness of the body and face so that consumers of these products will always be there.

Health Products
During a pandemic like now, various health products are being targeted by consumers. The products that you can sell, for example, are health masks, soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning fluids, vitamins, supplements or health drinks.

This is A Food Allergy That Often Occurs – Food allergies often occur in some people who already have innate allergic diseases from birth or can just suddenly come without being suspected.

There are many kinds of food allergies. Maybe what you meet is someone who is allergic to seafood food. But actually many other favorite food sources that turn out cannot be taken by people with certain allergies, you know.

This is A Food Allergy That Often Occurs

1. Cow milk allergy
Cow’s milk allergies are a fairly common type of allergies . The reason is that the body disobedience of proteins in cow’s milk and processed products.

In the protein, there is beta lacto globulin which triggers allergic reactions. Milk allergies are often equated with lactose intolerance. In fact, both are different.

In the case of lactose intolerance, someone lacks the digestive enzyme of the body called lactase. As a result, the body is unable to digest the content of sugar (lactose) found in cow’s milk. Allergies themselves deal with body resistance problems or immunity. It is this immune system that does not occur in food intolerance.

2. Allergies of nuts
Peanuts are often referred to as one of the triggers of allergies that can cause severe phase symptoms. In fact, the symptoms can make someone short of breath.

Symptoms of allergies on the skin such as itching, red rash, bumps can also be experienced. In addition, the symptoms of peanut allergies include nasal congestion or meler, mouth and throat feels itchy, flipping as narrowing, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

3. Allergy wheat.
Wheat allergy can occur because it is triggered by gluten, a type of protein contained in wheat, oatmeal, barley, or derivative processed products. No wonder if there are now many foods labeled gluten free.

If you like cooking using gluten flour, try looking for a replacement. You can try seven per eight bowls of rice flour or one bowl of corn flour as a solution.

4. Allergic eggs
Not only fast eggs, omelet, or scrambled, eggs can we meet in various processed. Starting from food to drinks, it feels too much processed using eggs as one of the raw materials.

Therefore, these egg allergic owners must be extra careful when they want to consume anything because the egg material on a process is usually hidden and not easy to detect.

5. Soybean allergies
Today, soybeans also have a variety of processed products. Some are made into cereals, crackers, sauces, soy sauce, to soup. However, if someone is allergic to soybeans, it is not necessarily allergic to soybean oil.

The type of soy allergy is individual nature. If you want to know if you are allergic to soybeans, the exact trial and error stage first.

These are The Signs If You Have a Healthy Relationship – Nowadays more and more people want to have a good relationship with their partner. Most people often interpret a relationship as merely a sign of romance that seems intoxicating. In fact, having romance alone cannot be a guarantee that we are already in the category of a healthy relationship. In some cases, many romantic partners end up being toxic, you know.

These are The Signs If You Have a Healthy Relationship

Have openness in communication
Early signs of a healthy relationship can be seen from the way they communicate. There is an openness between the couple that is constantly maintained and cultivated. This is often seen from the courage to discuss anything with your partner, whether it’s about work, education, health, or finances.

However, what is no less important than communication with a partner is the absence of judgment from each other when they are willing to be open and honest with each other’s conditions. Has your communication been smooth or not?

Growing stronger trust
If a relationship is like a house, then trust is the foundation. The trust that exists between partners will further strengthen the relationship so that strong chemistry will be created.

Trust here is not only about guarantees that you won’t lie or have an affair, but also about the belief not to hurt each other, both physically and mentally.

Appreciate each other

Even though it sounds idealistic, mutual respect is a sign that is no less important in a healthy dating relationship. When a partner only obeys the ego, what exists is the dominance of one party so that it will have a bad impact on future relationships.

This mutual respect can be seen from the way couples listen to each other’s complaints, forgive each other’s mistakes, and support each other in their respective careers. In fact, giving space and maintaining each other’s privacy can also be a form of mutual respect, you know.

The problems that exist don’t make you hold grudges with each other
In every relationship there will be problems that are often unexpected. Even in a healthy relationship though, it still does not guarantee that you will avoid problems. However, the difference lies in the ability to solve problems together.

The hallmark of a healthy relationship will be seen when you can both respond to problems with a cool head without prioritizing emotions. This is important because the goal is to find a solution, not blame each other, let alone hold a grudge against your partner.

Have realistic expectations
Having a long term relationship is not easy. Healthy couples will both realize that the perfect partner will never exist. For a healthy relationship, you will make commitment, communication, and compromise the keys to a long-term relationship.